Polycarbonate Roof Gazebo Review & Buying Guide

The perfect cover for your Garden Furniture Set, BBQ area or even a Hot tub, A Polycarbonate Gazebo really is the perfect Outdoor Room for all Four Seasons.

Thinking of buying a Polycarbonate Roof Gazebo or Garden Room? These are are now becoming the latest trend in outdoor living, as a result of this we thought we would do a quick review on this new era of Garden Gazebos as we have had many years of experience in this field and even deal directly with the factories producing these products.

Pictured left is available to buy Here.

Below is the latest statistics directly from Google, you can see that this year (2016), searches for PolyCarbonate Gazebos in the UK have jumped massively after reaching new highs in 2015.

Choosing a PolyCarbonate Roof Gazebo

Once a company comes out with an innovative new product, others will always follow, you can expect there to be surge of variant models appearing on the market which inevitably will drive down prices as companies compete for your business.

When doing your research, its always a good thing to see genuine reviews from customers that have actually built the Gazebo. Generally we have found the few cheaper models that have started to appear on the market come in smaller sections and with more bolts making them harder to assemble.

Its also important to choose a reputable company that offer a good guarantee incase anything goes wrong down the line.

5 Good Reasons to go Polycarbonate?

1) Can be used all year round during all Four Seasons
2) UV Protection from the Polycarbonate Roof
3) Totally Rain Proof, Unlike Fabric Gazebos
4) Strength and Durability giving a much longer life span
5) Aluminum Frames so totally rust and maintenance free

View the full Polycarbonate Gazbo range here.


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