Replacement Gazebo Covers

Replacement Gazebo Covers and Canopies, During its life your Gazebo will do exactly what it was purchased for, protect you from the elements. Unfortunately this means your Gazebo will bare the brunt of the weather, wind, rain and even damage over time from UV rays can affect the strength, effectiveness and leave your Gazebo looking a little worse for wear.

Save Time & Money

Help is at hand! You can now Purchase a Replacement Canopy or Cover for your Gazebo, this will save you not only the cost of replacing the whole unit but also all that time you spent assembling your Gazebo in the first place – Revive your Gazebo and make it look brand new once again simply by replacing the Canopy.

Where to Buy?

We have put together the most popular sizes below including 3x3m 3x4m and 4.5m Gazebos. Still cant find the size or colour? view the range available on

What about Replacement Curtains and Mosquito Nets?

These are also available to purchase as spares, replacements or even additions to your Gazebo – we dont have those listed on our site but here is another Amazon Link listing these products