Roma Cantilever Parasol Review and Features

If you are looking for the ultimate Cantilever Parasol giving you the best value for money and quality then the Roma Cantilever Parasol is the perfect purchase.

Perhaps you have already considered this item and are looking for an independent review or maybe you are seeing this great Parasol for the first time on this page, either way here is a brief description and our own thoughts on this item.

Really Looks the Part

First off, The Roma Cantilever is a really impressive piece of kit, standing 2.7m tall with thick profiles making this Parasol look and feel as sturdy as it actually is. Whether using to shade a dining set or any other area in your garden or patio. There are 2 sizes available with a number of canopy colour options.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Considering it’s size, we found this Parasol to be one of the easiest Cantilever Parasols to use, it has many functions (I’ll go in to these next) and all of which are well thought out and can be adjusted with ease.

Many Features

The Roma Cantilever Parasol is made to a high specification and has a number of features that all come in to play when trying to maximize the shade in your chosen area

360 Degree Rotation

Starting from the bottom, integrated into the base there is a foot pedal, which when pushed down, unlocks the rotation mechanism and then enables you to rotate the Parasol a full 360 degrees, this can be especially handy if you are wanting to switch the area you need to shade without having to move the Parasols base position.

Tilting Functions

The flexibility with this Parasol is the best you can get.. it rotates, it’s portable and the Tilting Function makes a huge difference, the parasol can be angled completely flat to give shade from directly above or can be tilted back with 3 or 4 settings in between, this is perfect if you need to shade a specific area at different times as you can adjust the canopy as the sun moves throughout the day

The Base

Another great function on this item is the Base, Once filled with sand and water this can weigh up to 140kg giving this large parasol a safe and sturdy foundation on which to support the mast and the large canopy at all angles. You would think shifting it would be a problem! in fact (providing you are on a patio and not on the grass) it’s very easy to move, simply wind down the telescopic wheels that are integrated into the base and you can simply roll the complete unit into a new position, when you are done, you can then unwind the wheels and you are ready to go.

When not in use

When not in use and even during the winter months your Parasol will remain clean and dry by simply folding the canopy away and making use of the weather proof cover provided with the umbrella, this easily slips over the top of the parasol and zips up to secure.

Roma Cantilever Parasol Review

  • Design
  • Ease of use
  • Value for money

This is the final part of our Roma Cantilever Parasol Review.. Here is a short demo video.

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