Santorini Real Flame Patio Heater Review

There’s nothing like sitting outdoors on a summers evening with a glass of wine after a busy day, we didn’t think we could improve on our evening ritual until we decided to give the Santorini Patio Heater a trial run and we were very impressed.

Santorini Patio Heater Review

Not only is this stylish Patio Heater perfect for keeping warm it also looks fantastic, the real flame adds a warm atmosphere to your outside space.

Looks the business

The Santorini Heater looks the part when the flame is burning, it has an overall very sleek design that definitely adds some flare to your patio.

Pricing and where to buy

There are now some cheaper copies of this item out there which do look the part although the heat output can vary, the best and original Santorini Flame Heater is by Lifestyle Appliances. We got ours through the trade (perk of the job) but you can compare prices using the 2 links provided below to eBay and Amazon.


  • Heat Output
  • Design
  • Ease of use
  • Value for money

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