Synthetic Rattan Furniture Buying Guide and Advice

Synthetic Rattan Furniture can be described in many ways, Outdoor Rattan, Outdoor Weave, Synthetic Rattan and so on and is now common place in all Garden Furniture stores either online or on the high street.

Synthetic Rattan Furniture

More popular than ever..

The popularity of Synthetic Rattan Furniture really started to take off in the summer of 2008 and has seen a huge year on year increase ever since, the reasons for this is not just the wide range of designs and weave colours available but also the huge benefit of this type of Outdoor Furniture is it can be left outside with absolutely no maintenance required and can be ready to use in an instant, when the good weather arrives, just throw your cushions on and your ready to move your living area outdoors.

You get what you pay for..

One point to take note of when looking for a new Outdoor Rattan Set is that you really do get what you pay for, paying a little extra can get you a higher quality and even branded set of furniture with a long guarantee to ensure your investment lasts.

Hows it made?

The standard for Outdoor Rattan Furniture should always be Aluminium frames, On my travels I have seen some steel used which is rare but some companies may use this to save money so make sure you double check this point as steel will inevitably rust and cause problems down the line, Aluminium is strong, lightweight and will not rust so you can be sure that the structure of your new Garden Furniture will stay strong and last for many years – also you will need to check the framework of your Garden Furniture, this should be powder coated to give an extra layer of protection.

Weave quality is another thing to consider and again the phrase “you get what you pay for” comes in to play, its not necessary to choose a Synthetic Rattan Furniture Brand such as VIRO or Ecolene but its always a good idea to choose a company that is willing to guarantee there furniture for longer than 12 months, Alexander Rose for example offers up to 10 Years Guarantee on their Rattan Ranges – That says a lot!

Where to buy?

Please take a look at the ranges of Outdoor Rattan Furniture we list on our website, we have 2 main categories Garden Lounge Sets and Garden Dining Sets Both categories are primarily filled with Synthetic Rattan from selected suppliers.

Alternatively you can purchase directly online from

Here is a quick video of a Rattan Chair being woven in the Alexander Rose factory – very interesting to see the time and skill that goes into every item.

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