Turino Wall Mounted Parasol

Having limited outside space can be a problem, especially when you need protection from the sun. Here we have The Turino Wall Mounted Parasol, the perfect solution if you are looking for a something to provide shade and shelter from the sun or even rain but have limited space in your garden.

turino wall mounted parasol

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The Turino Wall Mounted Parasol features a 3m Diameter Canopy which is larger than most alternative models, also, this wall parasol has an easy wind-up function and angle adjustment which is surprisingly easy to use and lock into place. Fittings are also supplied for bolting the parasol to the wall and also included is a weather cover to not only protect but keep the parasol tucked away tidily when not in use.

Compare Alternative Wall Mounted Parasols

Turino Parasol
3m Dia Canopy
2 Colour Options
Weather Cover Included
Wall Mounted
Easysol Wall Mount Parasol
2.5m Dia Canopy
Taupe Colour
Flexible Support Arm
Wall Mounted
Easysol Square Parasol
2m Square Canopy
3 Colour Options
Flexible Support Arm
Wall Mounted

Wall Parasols for Commercial Use

A Wall Mounted Parasol such as the Turino is also a perfect solution for Pubs, Clubs, Bars and Restaurants, if an awning isn’t an option then one or more Wall Parasols will be a great solution for giving your guests or customers protection from the sun or even rain!

Another great feature of the Turino Wall Mounted Parasol is that there is no base required – the parasol is securely fixed to the wall and is less likely to be effected by the wind, also, no centre pole means there is more room underneath without obstruction for you and your guests to enjoy the shade provided.