What is Upcycled Garden Furniture?

Up-cycling is typically achieved by turning something old and of no other use into a functional item, this can be very rewarding not only by saving you money but knowing you have turned something old that was perhaps going to be thrown out into a unique item or piece of Garden Furniture.

Upcycled Garden Furniture Ideas

While looking for ideas for this post on Upcycling we came across many different ideas for Garden Furniture and Outdoor Seating made from Wooden Pallets.

If you’re handy with a saw and power driver then there are plenty of plans and step by step guides on the internet giving exact directions on how to transform a few boring old shipping pallets into usable furniture.

From Corner Sofas, Chairs and even a drinks bar you can make just about anything to suit your needs.

Just by adding some cushions and a simple piece of glass (pictured right) you can create your own luxury outdoor sofa set.

Upcycled Garden Accessories

It doesn’t end with Pallets and Garden Furniture, you can transform an endless amount of items into useful accessories and garden decor.

Garden planters, bird tables and sculptures can all be made from recycled materials.

Upcycled Garden Ornaments

Using this method for Garden Ornaments has grown in popularity over the last couple of years, you can either design your own or you will find a huge range available to buy online to suite any garden. Check out the range of Garden Ornaments on Amazon

Upcycled Bird Feeders

Why not help out our feathered friends and put your new upcycling skills to the test by making a Bird Feeder or even a Bird Table.

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